The Complete Guide To Choosing A Journaling Bible + FREE Checklist

The Complete Guide To Choosing A Journaling Bible


Looking for a Journaling Bible?

This Complete Guide To Choosing A Journaling Bible, can simplify your selection process and help you find the perfect Journaling Bible for a creative journey with God!

Why I Created This Guide

While teaching devotionals with Bible art journaling tutorials, I’ve found many people feel overwhelmed with the options and decisions, when selecting the perfect Journaling Bible for themselves, or a loved one. I regularly get requests for advice on choosing a Journaling Bible and this complete guide is my answer to all the questions.

This is going to be so easy you might be surprised! Grab a coffee or tea, and let me help you choose a Journaling Bible!

How To Get The Best Use Out Of This Guide

With over 75 Bibles, favorites, recommendations and considerations in this guide, I needed to give you a way to easily choose a Journaling Bible. I believe I’ve found a way for you to gain quick answers, or dig deeper with multiple layers of cross-referencing.

There are several sections/pages all linked together in this guide. This Introduction page links everything up and gives you an indication of what you’ll find in each section you might want to explore.

At the beginning of each section/page, you’ll find links to jump to areas of interest. At the bottom of each page you’ll find a link to this intro and the next section in the guide. Use these as your navigation around this complete guide.

Use my Things To Consider section, to help you understand what you feel is negotiable or non-negotiable in choosing a Journaling Bible. My free Choosing A Journaling Bible Checklist in that section, will help you easily assess what matters most, so you don’t get bogged down in unnecessary choices. I encourage you not to skip this section as it may greatly reduce the time it takes for you to choose a Journaling Bible.

You can then go on to further guide sections to view Bibles in collections by category types, translations and languages. Cross-referencing becomes possible when you personally compare collections with each other.

Click on any Bible image or its link, to head to a shop and view more. It’ll open in a new browser tab, so you can head right back here if you want to keep researching your options.

I keep this guide up-to-date by adding new Bibles which come onto the market, or are announced by publishers. Have fun researching!

Sections In This Guide

The Complete Guide To Choosing A Journling Bible

Things To Consider When Choosing A Journaling Bible

Choosing a Journaling Bible can feel overwhelming without direction.

In this section we’ll start with your free Checklist For Choosing A Journaling Bible. It will help you easily understand what is negotiable or non-negotiable to you, in choosing a Journaling Bible, so you can focus on what matters and pick a winner quickly.

Click here to get your free checklist download to assess your Journaling Bible needs!

I’ll also go over a few helpful things in this section, which you may want to know when choosing a Journaling Bible. Like, buying on a budget, or investing in an heirloom and even what a Journaling Bible is versus, what is not one. And lastly, a couple important notes to know when selecting a Journaling Bible.

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The Complete Guide To Choosing A Journling Bible

Understanding And Choosing A Bible Translation

You might have grown up around Bibles, but want to understand them a bit better. Or maybe this is all new to you. Maybe you simply don’t know where to begin choosing what Bible translation is right for you, or even what the difference is between various Bible translations.

In this section I want to cut out the potentially overwhelming detail and simplify this for you, before finishing with some advice on how to make sense of your options.

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The Complete Guide To Choosing A Journling Bible

My Favorite Bibles

Often times people email or write to me asking one simple question. “What Bible do you film in?” Or, they ask, “What Bible do you recommend most?” In this section, I’ll share the Bibles I own, love and can recommend. Perfect if you feel too overwhelmed with options, or just want a Bible you’ve seen me use.

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The Complete Guide To Choosing A Journling Bible

View All Bibles By Category Type

Now, on to some cross referencing! Every Bible appears in several category types, making this guide perfect for cross referencing which becomes possible when you compare collections with each other.

In this section you’ll find typical Journaling Bibles plus several other types of Bibles which people use to create and journal in. You’ll find wide margin Bibles, interleaved Bibles, line art coloring Bibles (yes! it’s true!), part-illustrated Bibles and large print Bibles. You’ll find writers edition Bibles and my teen and child recommendations, and even a collection of red letter Bibles. You can see collections of unlined, lightly lined and boldly lined Bible margins and further collections of white, versus cream paper Bibles.

That’s a ton of category types which will give you the opportunity to narrow down your choices, by seeing if they meet the criteria of a category which matters to you.

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The Complete Guide To Choosing A Journling Bible

View All Bibles By Translation

If a particular Bible translation matters to you in choosing a Journaling Bible, you’ll find this section super helpful. You can view Bible collections of every American English Bible translation which has any options available on the market for Bibles with space for creativity. These include ESV, KJV, NKJV, NIV, NASB, NLT, HCSB, Amplified and more.

If you’re unsure which translation is right for you, try my Things To Consider section, where I help you make sense of the translations represented in this guide. You can then get started viewing a collection of Bibles in your chosen translation.

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The Complete Guide To Choosing A Journling Bible

View All Bibles In Other Languages

In the final section of this guide, you can view all Bibles in British English and other languages such as German, Afrikaans and more.

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The Complete Guide To Choosing A Journling Bible

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*If you know of any other Bibles which should be in this guide, please contact me with a link, so others may benefit!

*Links in this guide take you to my affiliate partners, Amazon (AZ), Dayspring (DS) and (SB). And, occasionally to other shops when I am not an affiliate of whomever sells the Bible I am linking to. When you find deals which I’ve recommended through my affiliate partners, I get supported. This has no effect on you and makes a real difference for me. You may view my affiliate and product disclosure for more info on how this works. Thank you, I so appreciate your support, which helps me support your creative journey with God!

*Mini disclaimer… I could not and should not, own all of the 75+ Bibles I am able to recommend here. I do however have a few Bibles now and have looked inside several others. It took countless days of research to build this guide and while I am confident that I’ve only included what many with experience can recommend, everyone has different styles. I’ve tried to create a guide which works with everyone in mind. You are very likely to find the perfect Bible here and you’re also very likely to find a few which don’t suit you. Isn’t it wonderful that we are each so individual?! Enjoy digging around this guide and finding what suits you!

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