Prophetic Arts For Jesus FB Group Guidelines

Prophetic Arts for Jesus Community


Prophetic Arts for Jesus is a community hosted by myself, (Rebekah R Jones), in a Facebook Group. The community started in 2008 while I sat in a coffee shop and added all 47 of my creative, Jesus loving friends. From there, I proceeded to literally not share the group again with anyone for another 8 years as I watched God breathe on it without my assistance in spreading the news. I just focused on giving people space to grow creatively in God and I love being the mom of a thriving creative family, who feel safe to dive into their calling.

We have become a diverse and beautiful family of thousands of creatives spreading the love of Jesus through art and those who want to see what Jesus is doing in the arts globally.

As our group name (Prophetic Arts For Jesus) suggests, we are a group which places Jesus Christ at the heart of everything we do. Our art comes from a place of using our gifts and talents for Jesus, to show His love to the world around each of us. We are a family of thousands of amazing creatives in love with Jesus.

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This group exists to…

  • Help you encounter Jesus through creativity
  • Encourage and support your creative journey with God
  • Help you grow in your creative gifts and skills
  • Equip you to spread the love of Jesus through creativity



We are all at different stages and perspectives in our journey with art which is wonderful! When we come to our group, I ask that we all keep our community core values of focus, safety, encouragement and honor.

While being our creative selves in community, our group focus must stay on…

  • What God is doing, (not the enemy).
  • God’s love, (not judgements others may deserve).
  • The goodness of God’s Kingdom, (not negative things).
  • Encouraging, honoring and loving, (not criticizing or attacking).
  • Being community/family, (not “link dumping”).

What is allowed and/or encouraged in the group?

  • All forms of your own art and creativity may be shared in the group, if they fall within our group purpose and focus, while adhering to our group rules.
  • Questions regarding creative skill and spiritual growth on our focus are encouraged. When we grow, God can use us in greater ways!


To keep this community of individuals safe, supported and running smoothly, we have a few rules which group members must adhere to. If you do not abide by the rules, then you are subject to automatic removal from the group (which would be sad). The rules exist to support the community, not restrict it and your help in valuing them makes our family as beautiful as it is.

**These rules are regularly adjusted as we grow. Check back often!**

Group member expectations

To help us all start out on the same grounding, I ask everyone to read my Prophecy And The Creative Community blog post, prior to joining into the group. Nobody is required to see things my way, but it is important for us to all understand a bit about who we are as a community and this post makes that possible. Please take a few minutes to take it in. I think like others, you’ll find it a refreshing start to joining our family.

In addition to reading the above post, these expectations apply:

  • Keep posts on-topic for prophetic arts related themes. If you post status updates, comments, links, videos, etc. which are not related to the focus of our group, they will be deleted automatically. It’s important to me that we define what is OFF topic. If you feel a prophetic word on your heart and go find a photo snapshot to share with it to try and qualify it as art with your word, that is not considered prophetic art. If you see something spiritually inspiring in nature, take a photo and wonder if others in the group may find spiritual meaning in it too, it is not okay to share in the group. This may disappoint some, but we must have some boundaries, if we are to remain a group of some focus which everyone can benefit most from. The aim is to be a community who are listening to the heart of God, investing time in creating an expression of what they’ve heard and then sharing to grow as a community together. To be clear, sharing a word which goes with and inspired what you created is great!Ask yourself before you post… “Is this a piece of genuine creativity, which I took effort to hear from God and put together to minister to others? Or am I dropping text on a background, taking a quick photo, etc., without creative effort, or time spent first seeking God’s heart on the direction of the creativity?”. We are a prophetic ARTS group, not prophetic words only group. And, we are a PROPHETIC group, not simply an arts group. Both the prophetic and the arts together, is part of what makes our community so unique and special.


  • All posts must be set with “Public” privacy settings, so they are viewable by all members. If your profile, or post, privacy settings are limited and content is not properly viewable, your post will be automatically deleted to keep the group page clean.
  • For everyone’s safety, please do not disclose personal details like phone, address or email in the group posts or comments. The group is public and as a result, all posts and comments can be seen publicly online by group members and non-members alike.
  • If you are not a follower of Jesus Christ having personal relationship with Him, that is okay. Welcome! We pray you are touched by our Heavenly Father as you see His love for you. Please keep in mind while you take in what our group has to offer that the group guidelines will equally apply to anyone who is a member. Enjoy!

What is NOT allowed in the group?

There are a few things which have always caused posts to be deleted and members to be banned. I take these group rules seriously to protect the wonderful community we have built together. Please honor these so we continue to grow positively as we have since 2008.

1. You may not post anything which is void of the creative AND spreading God’s heart.

  • We are the Prophetic Arts for Jesus group, not the prophetic group alone, or the arts group alone. Jesus and the arts should both be present in all we post on, share and discuss.

2. You may not post artwork/creativity by other people.

  • When sharing creative work, it must be your own. No exceptions.

3. You may not post creative work which you have copied from elsewhere without permission.

  • If you wish to share with the group, what you will create, it is okay to loosely gain inspiration/ideas at times, but never allowed, (nor honoring, or even legal) to copy. Those found copying and sharing artwork clearly originating from another person (without permission), will be removed from the group to protect others.

4. You may not ask for creative critics, or criticism, or feedback.

  • We focus on what is going well. Keeping our group focus encouraging, uplifting and positive has been one of our greatest attributes as a community and will continue to be a core value of ours as we encourage everyone to grow at all stages of creativity.

5. No unkind behavior, shaming, or bullying.

  • No exceptions. Anyone known to have such behavior toward a group member inside or out of the group will be banned.

6. No sensual, sexual, nude art, or pornographic material or spam.

  • This may seem an obvious point but I need to drive it home here. We have many young people and even children in our group. We are also a Godly community of men and women. Even if you feel God has inspired a nude, or nearly nude art piece, you may not post it in the group. Please remember that some things are meant to be private and sharing these types of artwork in the group is not allowed.

7. You may not post spam, or private message users with unsolicited promos, or requests.

  • Anyone found to be soliciting other group members, posting spam, hacking, etc., will be banned from the group. Don’t worry, if your own Facebook account is hacked and spammy posts are made into the group on your behalf, we are good at spotting these and will have a measure of grace while you change your password.

8. You may not post art work featuring, focusing on or glorifying any god besides Jesus Christ.

  • No exceptions. There is no toleration for featuring other gods, or extra-biblical themes and doctrines.

9. Facebook Live video is only to be used by admins.

  • Having thousands of group members able to use live video streaming in a group, is a great way to make everyone feel overwhelmed and is not practical. Anyone attempting to stream live in the group other than admins and moderators, (or those announced by admins or moderators), will be removed.

10. Lastly, please do not send private Facebook messages to any group admins, or moderators, including myself.

  • Avoid us losing your communication in a personal profile and help us keep things organized, thus supporting everyone better, by emailing: contact@rebekahrjones.com Thanks for understanding!



Comprehensive Guide To Spiritual Meaning Of ColorsIf you’d like to learn more about prophetic arts, sign up here and I will send you my free Comprehensive Guide To The Spiritual Meaning Of Colors. Plus other great content on this topic, to help you connect with what God is doing in the prophetic arts!



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How do I add a friend to the group?

Everyone must request to join on their own behalf to indicate their own interest in being a group member. If you add a friend to the group, that request for them to join will be denied.

Please instead share the group with friends (share link is at top of group header) and invite them to request to join on their own behalf. Thanks!

Learn who can see your posts and if/where they can be shared, once posted in our group.

  • I sadly, very often delete posts because of privacy setting issues which could have been resolved. My team and I take note of whose posts have privacy issues. A post will simply say “attachment unavailable”, indicating the privacy settings don’t allow it to be shared publicly. The first two-three times a member has this happen, an admin/moderator comments on the post with details on how they can change the privacy setting. If they have not responded or resolved the privacy setting after about 24 hours, we delete the post. If the problem persists beyond the first 2-3 posts, we simply delete posts without commenting.
  • Because of the nature of us being a worldwide community, all posts must to be fully visible to the public so that all members of the group can interact properly. If myself or anyone in the group tells you they cannot see your work, you’ll need to click on the ‘v’ at the top right of your post and edit the privacy settings to ‘public’ so we can all see. It may be that your general Facebook settings only allow friends to see your photos which is why you could see everything, but others claim to not be able to. If needed, please have a look at the Basics of Privacy Facebook Help, to gain understanding on how to share more publicly on Facebook generally, which will improve your chances of posts being shared properly. For specific help on sharing in a Facebook Group, please see Facebook Help in Group Basics and Group Features. If all else fails, please delete your post, and try to post again once you’ve adjusted your settings.
  • You may want to understand who on Facebook can see your interaction with this group and what they can see. Please see this Facebook table about group privacy options to understand fully. We are a Public group where anyone can be invited, and my team and I are then the only people who process member requests.

How to request to join the Prophetic Arts For Jesus community

  • In order to request to join the Prophetic Arts for Jesus, facebook group, visit while logged in to facebook. Select “Request to Join” and then wait for your request to be processed manually by an admin. You may request here: www.Facebook.com/Groups/PropheticArtsForJesus
  • You may try to improve your chance of being accepted by making changes to your facebook profile where necessary. Your profile privacy needs to be public enough for us to click on your name and see your profile. Once we click on your profile, we will be looking for:
    • Publicly viewable About details. This helps us know you are not a spam account. Please have a look at the Basics of Privacy Facebook Help if you need assistance.
    • Publicly viewable photos. This is an indication to us that your privacy settings are more likely to be ready for you to join into our group fully. I don’t expect all posts and photos on your personal profile to be visible, but I do expect to see some.
    • No objectional material. We have minors in our group and are also focused on Jesus. If your profile shares inappropriate posts or photos, you will not be approved to join.
    • No clear objection, or disdain for Jesus. I understand not all will be passionate followers of Jesus who find their way to our group, but all members must be open to relationship with Jesus and willing to follow the group guidelines like everyone else.
    • No argumentative behavior. If your profile leads us to believe that you will object to group posts, or cause trouble with argumentative behavior, you will not be approved to join.

When do you approve member requests?

Member requests are processed most Mondays.

My Post Got Deleted! Why?

Please read the group guidelines above, to understand why this may have happened.

I need to report a post. How can I do that?

If you see a post in the group which does not adhere to the above Group Guidelines or is clearly spam, please help by reporting it to my team and I.

Rather than message us, please click on the ‘v’ icon at the top right of the post you want to report. You’ll be given the option to then click on, “Report to Admin”. (This option will not appear in the news feed, but will if you’re inside the group.) This will flag the post to our team and notify us to review it.

If you accidentally report a post, don’t worry, we review each one with care.

Thank you for your support in helping our community be as wonderful as it has always been!

Why does my post keep getting moved up and down on the page in the group?

Facebook groups are sort of like “chat groups”. The latest discussion is at the top of the page and will be pushed down in order to make way for whatever is most actively being interacted with. Comment on an old post below and it will move to the top after refreshing your page. That means you should browse down the page to see what the latest is. It’ll jump around!

How do I find things in the group?

  • At the top of the page, you’ll find a way to search. I recommend searching an artists’ name, or keywords which you believe would have been in the post description you’re looking for.
  • All photos are under a tab at the top of the page.
  • You can look up anyone in our group by clicking on the “Members” tab at the top of the page.



Not sure what to share in group post descriptions with your artwork or creativity? You can copy the text below and use it as a template!

– – – – – – – – – – – –
ADDITIONAL DETAILS: [what it means to you, story behind creating it, etc.]
FOR SALE: [how to purchase if available]
PRIVACY: [may this be shared with credit, or not?]
WEBSITE / SOCIAL PAGE: [insert link if applicable]
– – – – – – – – – – – –