Bible Art Journaling Challenge

Bible Art Journaling Challenge

About the Bible Art Journaling Challenge…

Each year since 2015, I’ve created a year-long series as part of my Bible Art Journaling Challenge project, where together, we encounter Jesus through creativity in the Word. It’s free to participate and you don’t need anything special.

Every lesson includes a video and blog post, combining a free devotional (aka Bible study) and creative tutorial, centered around a particular section of scripture, finishing with a challenge for you to join me creating on/about that same section of scripture and to then share the experience with our growing and very lovely community.

Get started free…

Start today right along with others in our growing online community and come on a life changing journey, that you can stick with and take in, as the weeks and months unfold.

To learn more about each series and how to get started free, view a Bible Art Journaling Challenge series today!

the original Bible Art Journaling Challenge Heaven Is Calling - A Bible Art Journaling Challenge Series Deeper Still

Free series you can participate in…

Each series comes with its own creative and spiritual focus. They were designed to be as useful today, as the day they were first shared. There is no wrong place, or time to start. We have a supportive, large community and others will undoubtedly join in when you do. Join where you feel most excited and led to jump in!

Throughout 2015 I offered the Original 52-part weekly series, focused on encountering Jesus through creativity.

the original Bible Art Journaling Challenge

In 2016, I offered the Heaven Is Calling 12-part monthly series, focusing in on connecting with a good God.

Heaven Is Calling - A Bible Art Journaling Challenge Series

In 2017, the 12-part Deeper Still series is being offered! Join me as we adventure into the beautiful depths of God in this special Bible Art Journaling Challenge series!

Deeper Still

Each of these series are freely available to you and actively being participated in with a growing community! Artists, scrapbookers, art journalers, creatively interested and those with no creative experience… all are welcome! Please join me and bring your friends along!

This is my gift to you and is your creative journey with God. I pray these series are a blessing to you, as they have come to be for thousands of others like you. See this as a bonus to your time with God as you meditate on His Word with creative pleasure!

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ)

Can you recommend Bible journaling supplies to get started?

If you’re looking for supplies to get started, each series in the Bible Art Journaling Challenge has a supplies list attached, when you go to their specific blog page to learn more.

Also, I’ve made a fairly comprehensive page full of links to general Bible journaling supplies I can recommend, PLUS my free Complete Guide To Choosing A Journaling Bible. It also links to my internal blog posts I’ve done with helpful tips on specific Bible journaling techniques.

You can view my general Bible Journaling Supplies page here.

Where can I find an archive of challenges?

You’ll find a FULL archive with details on how to participate, when you head to any particular series of your choice, to get started today!

What Is Bible Journaling?

Bible journaling is a growing movement, where many are creating on the pages of their Bible as a devotional process. It is also sometimes called “Bible art journaling” or, “illuminated journaling”. The idea is to engage more freely with the Word of God in new ways and to record personally inspiring scriptures in creative and artistic ways, which serve to remind us of moments in our personal journey with God and help us grow in our faith.

Which series should I start with?

Great question! While the Original series is where it all started, I’d suggest you start first with the Heaven Is Calling series. It is only 12 lessons and much more “beginner” focused. I think you’ll love the devotional topic too. Once you’re done, head on over to the Original series and dive right in, while you perhaps enjoy the most current series too!








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