Meet Rebekah R Jones

Welcome! My name is Rebekah R Jones. I am passionately in love with Jesus. He captured my heart as a tiny 4 year old with an encounter that left me transformed for life. I love creativity in all shapes and sizes. I live an international life having been born in America and now living as a dual citizen in England.

I have studied, pursued and taught various forms of creativity much of my life. My mom taught me how to live and breathe all things crafty. Meanwhile, my dad’s mom, (a professional fine artist and designer) invested in refining my creativity to an artistic level. I honestly didn’t always fully appreciate the impact of it in the early stages of life. Classes, random museum visits and endless questions on how I would improve my artistic choices seemed pointless when I didn’t care for the refinement. I am grateful she cared enough to pour her knowledge and creative way of thinking into me. I miss her greatly yet realise much of her, lives on in my creative process. My mom was the one who simply helped me fall in love with creativity and stay excited with the process. That love remains and she would be ecstatic about all I am doing creatively if she were here still. Along the way, God has taught me so many wonderful keys to unlocking life transforming encounters with Him through creativity, which I am passionate about passing along so you can also get the breakthroughs you dream of.

My creative focus today is on Christian encouraging art using a mixture of medias, with ‘no rules’ and an emphasis on having fun in God’s presence. My aim is to release Heaven on earth through creativity and to support you in doing the same. Creativity is a key to unlocking heavenly encounters, releasing destiny and uncovering God’s undieing affection for you. The very nature of being created in God’s image makes you creative.

I’ll back up and share a bit about my background and also the different creative projects I am running which you might want to get involved with.

I grew up in Northwest America in the beautiful city of Portland, Oregon. At age 18, I moved to sunny Northern California where my webbed feet finally dried out. 🙂 7 years later, I graduated from an amazing ministry school at Bethel Church in Redding, California, (the second Biblical training school I graduated from and third I’d attended). I sold nearly everything, packed my bags and moved to England to marry my best friend Dan, (a British man) and settle in as Christian missionaries here. By “here”, I mean, we never left England. Although I miss family and friends back home deeply, I know we’re just where we aught to be for this season. Jesus is the center of our lives and we love sharing His amazing love wherever we are.

We founded Kingdom Culture Ministries together which is the umbrella for the different aspects of our ministries as a couple. My creative ministry also sits under that umbrella. One thing we love, is to study the lives and ministries of those who have gone before us, to learn from them. As another part of this ministry, we started together after a nearly 9 month process of creating the Revival History Timeline poster. It’s a simple and beautiful way to learn about God’s works worldwide over the past 500 years. The website continues to be a place to find out of print revival history resources which we’ve digitized over time to make available once again.

I’d say there is a lot of creative juice in our house. Dan helped companies gain recognition with his website building as a teenager. He then trained and became a digital designer where he helped clients win awards. After years of experience, he is now the owner of a full service digital marketing agency called, Digital Wisdom Ltd which makes incredible websites, among other services. Although I built this website alongside him (so I could put my artistic touch on it), most everything genius about it, is Dan’s doing. I am partial, but his clients say great things about him too. 🙂 Please do check out his company and also share with anyone who may need amazing services.


(My husband and I: Left, our wedding in England – Right, in California on holiday.)

Creativity makes me tick. A dear friend asked me some time ago, “Do you think its possible you wilt without creativity in your life?”… Why yes, I do. When growing up, my mom had taught me that she gained energy to complete menial tasks by promising herself a “reward” of some craft or project she’d been eying up. I realized in recent years that if I wait for a reward of creativity, I will likely wilt before a job is done. (You can read more about that here.) God made me that way and I need to respect that about myself. I’ve learned that making time for creativity isn’t an option for me. It’s a requirement.

At about age 12, I started to noticed poor health symptoms in my body but, as my new sister was undergoing life threatening surgeries, understandably, none of us took much notice of it at the time. For years I, ‘kept it under control’ but had a few difficult things to deal with along the way which all mounted up on my health. I lost my mom, (best friend) in 2005. A couple years later my dad got married and moved away with the family, only months before I moved internationally to get married. All a lot to take on! You can read more on my health story here and how, after 2 years of being bedridden, I was supernaturally healed at age 30!

As I spent the first 25 years of my life living on the West Coast of America and now live in England, I often run across cultural points of interest. I know my American friends particularly enjoy my pictures of life here in the United Kingdom. It is such a romantic and beautiful nation. I have lived various places in England and may be partial but, I think I live in one of the most picturesque areas of England. I used to tell my husband regularly that since I was not yet a citizen of the UK, I was allowed to take pictures of everything like an embarrassing tourist. Since my excuse expired upon becoming a dual-citizen, I’ve decided I don’t need one. I simply love Britain and sharing it with those around me. 🙂

I’ve been working on an enjoyable and meaningful photography series for several years now called, ‘Door Of The Day’ which you can watch out for on my Instagram account. Doors really speak to me about opportunity. I’ve had requests to publish them into a book. What do you think? Should I? You can join me @RebekahRJones.

One of the largest art ‘projects’ I run, which I founded in 2008 is Prophetic Arts for Jesus, a Facebook Group, (community really). It now has thousands of members from across the globe, featuring thousands of photos of prophetic art and is the largest community of its kind online. What is prophetic art? Have a look at my post on prophecy and the creative community to learn more of my thoughts on this.

Prophetic Arts for Jesus is filled with constant encouraging conversation to join in on. It has been an incredible blessing for so many to experience all God does in our midst as a community. We’re growing together into something beautiful. You are welcome to request to join our community! Go to my Community page to learn more. It is something I have been honored to lead and nurture with God’s guidance and I’ve got some exciting plans up my sleeve which I am excited to implement for us all!

A newer but unexpectedly popular project of mine is the Bible Art Journaling Challenge. Bible art journaling is part of the growing, illustrated faith and Bible doodling movement in which many are creating on the pages of their Bible. The idea is to engage more freely with the Word of God in new ways and to record personally inspiring scriptures in creative and artistic ways, which serve to remind us of moments in our personal journey with God.

In my Bible Art Journaling Challenge, every Tuesday, I post an art challenge on the scripture of the week in which I have filmed in my art studio and talked you through, what I created on the Bible page of the week and how to do it. I give FREE artistic instruction, inspiration and share a little on the scripture of the week and then challenge you to join in by responding with your own creative expression on that verse in your Bible. You can then share in the dedicated Facebook Group and/or Google+ Community to interact with the thousands who are also participating. The challenge is 100% FREE and is open to EVERYONE! I would be thrilled to have you join and create along with me! Head over to my Bible Art Journaling Challenge page to learn more about how to join in.

Lastly, people sometimes ask how they might bless me, or support the creative ministry which God has given me. By purchasing my favorite art supplies and resources which I recommend here on my site, I get 6.5-10% of each purchase price. This adds up collectively and I so appreciate you trusting my recommendations when they are suitable for you.

Others want to support me a bit more by donating financially. It is so generous and a much appreciated practical help as I full-time, pour myself in to growing a place where, you and others can encounter God through creativity and in turn, help others encounter Him as well. There is certainly no obligation to give but if you would like to, thank you! It makes a real difference. I’m not in this ministry to make money but it does put food in my family’s stomach! 🙂

Should you wish to donate, you may do so by clicking on the “donate” button below and entering your single or monthly amount in US Dollars. I will see all of that money, minus a tiny paypal fee, and likely use it entirely for supplies to teach with or more technology to offer you greater creative opportunities! Thank you for supporting what serves us all!


I hope you will find my website to increasingly be a place where you can be resourced, taught and encouraged in your journey of creativity with God. He is so in love with you and looks for opportunities to lavish you with His love as you position your heart toward Him. Creative experience or none, welcome to this exhilarating journey!

You are loved.  x